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Why Steam Cleaning?

According to CDC guidelines, viruses are killed when exposed to temperatures over 175 degrees Celsius (347 degrees Fahrenheit). Steam is able to overpower that limit and kill 99. 9% of germs, viruses, bacteria, and dust mites. Steam-cleaning does not involve toxic chemicals, making it a safe alternative for sanitizing high traffic areas primarily utilized by pets, children, and chemical-sensitive adults. Steam-cleaning is also more eco-friendly than traditional cleaning methods and far superior at removing odors permanently. Over-all steam cleaning is the most reliable, effective, and safe way to sanitize any location.

How Steam Cleaners Work

As soon as a steam cleaner is turned on, it heats water beyond its boiling point. The steam cleaner discharges the vapor through an attachment, such as a nozzle. Because the vapor molecules are small, they can delve deeper into surfaces, removing dirt from the area being cleaned. Steam cleaning is also effective against other microbial material; it removes allergens and bacteria, and it eliminates mold, dust mites, and bedbugs. Steam cleaning can also remove many types of stains.


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You will receive certification upon completion of our services. Our advanced electrostatic sprayers are powerful and durable, providing superior application performance, more coverage, zero waste, and better results. We utilize a safe, EPA-approved water-soluble disinfectant By the pull of a trigger, the EPIX360 activates, laying down an even, uniform and wrap-around layer of protection.

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Our Advanced Electrostatic Sprayers are powerful, durable, provide breakthrough application performance, more coverage, zero waste, and better results. We utilize a safe  EPA-approved water-soluble disinfectant. By the pull of a trigger, the EPIX360 goes to work by laying down an even uniform and wraparound layer of germ.


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